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Valentine’s Day


Love Is In The Air For Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for something special to gift a loved one on Valentine’s Day, you simply can’t go wrong with the classic choice of flowers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift or a gift to show for someone special, flowers are guaranteed to show someone you care.

Roses Are The Classic Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift
Long-stemmed roses in pink, red, white or yellow or a stunning arrangement of roses paired with a sparkling bottle of champagne is a traditional symbol of love and romance. There’s nothing quite like sipping a glass of bubbly while admiring a beautiful bouquet! You might also consider adding a box of chocolates with your roses and champagne to complete the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

At Blooms Social, we have heart-shaped boxes to perfectly showcase your Valentine’s Day sentiments! Act fast – we have a limited supply! 

Every time your special someone looks at the romantic display, they’ll be reminded of your love and devotion.

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Fresh Floral Arrangements Show You Care
For a loving and stylish mix, giving a gorgeous fresh floral arrangement for Valentine’s Day is both traditional and spectacular! Choose an array of colorful flowers like roses, carnations and orchids in vibrant shades of red, pink and purple for a bouquet that’s simply stunning. Whether you choose flowers that are lush and colorful or petite and feminine, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous floral arrangement custom designed to your specifications.

Whether bold and beautiful or soft and pretty, a fresh floral arrangement is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to show how much you care.

Flowers Are The Perfect Last-Minute Gift
As the saying goes, Say it with flowers!

Fresh flowers are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, and they are always the right size! There is no better way to show someone how much they mean to you than with a thoughtful gift of flowers.

No matter what you choose to give your Valentine this year – whether it be traditional roses or a gorgeous fresh floral arrangement – Blooms Social has fresh flowers to create the perfect gift!

So this Valentine’s Day, show your special someone you care with flowers. Whether you opt for classic roses and champagne, or a fresh floral arrangement, it will be sure to make their day extra special! Here at Blooms Social, we’d love to be part of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from South Florida!